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Our Services
We render different services, connected with residential estate in Lithuania and its capital Vilnius. Longstanding experience of apartment selection, renting and exploitation allows us to call us Experts in this area.

Residential Estate Management

Residential Estate Management is care associated with room exploitation and creating the most comfortable conditions for the customers and making profit from this career innocence.

Our Career Innocence is:

  • Maintenance and quality control of objects building
  • Design and overhaul-finishing works
  • Technical exploitation of engineering systems and room‘s of building
  • Advertisement of real estate rent
  • Relationship management with renter‘s
  • Reception organisation
  • Apartment chining and washing the bed-clothes
  • Organisation of meal

Result of our work – big collection of apartment for rent. More information here>>

Overhaul and Decoration of Flat

Flawless interior design – this is highest quality of works in combination with exact observance of all technological processes. In decoration work we use only best decoration materials, which we are buying from our partners by best prices.

Overhaul of object performed only after full learning and understanding of current object condition. First research understands of engineer infrastructure, analyse quality of all surfaces (curvature of walls, floors and ceilings). It is very necessary information in making of detailed constructional estimate, that we didn't had any bad “surprises” during process of decoration.

Overhaul and decoration apartment by us – highly controlled engineer-building process. We want to underline, that overhaul flat “for key” is much advantageous than partly completed works. In our portfolio you can see examples of our overhauls in Vilnius. If it's necessary we can we can show you the most thin nuances of our works in this and other objects.

See examples here:

Aid in Real Estate Acquirement

We are ready to consult you about position of real estate market and about tendency of bank system in Lithuania in short-term and middle-term perspective. Every day we are investigating the situation in Lithuania and World Market. We know about affair position in building companies and always ready show best variants for investment. Instead of it we can manage your estate. Our company buy's itself and rent's residential estate and our success talk's about itself.

Company Registration and Visa Support

We are ready to aid you in registration of your company for the “key” with giving you juristic address.

Recently Natalex company was registered like tourism company. So now we can offer any touristic service. You can read about some her. We also can help acquire visa for clients, who reserved our apartments.


We present our new website www.vilniusapartments.com , visit it, please!

We invite to cooperation all owners of flats, apartments, boards and small hotels in Baltic counties. info@natalex.org