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We live and work in the capital of Lithuania Vilnius and neighboring countries. This yellow area on European map below shows where it is. More information about our country you will find in Helpful Info.
Territory: 65 303 km2

Population: ~3,48 mln.
  (83,4 % Lithuanians, 6,3 % Russians, 6,7 % Polish and 3.6 % of other descents)

Climate: average winter temperature - 4.9°C
  average summer temperature +17.0°C
  annual precipitation - 748 mm

State language: Lithuanian

Currency: Litas

Lithuanian border co-ordinates: northern - latitude of 56°27' North
  southern - latitude of 53°54' North
  western - longitude of 20°56' East
  eastern - longitude of 26°51' East

Lithuania has: 816 rivers longer than 10 km
  2,834 lakes larger than 0.5 ha

Highest point: Juozapine Hill (293,6 m)

The largest river: Nemunas (937 km, 475 km in the territory of Lithuania)

Major religion: Roman Catholics

The largest lake: Druksiai (42,26 km 2 )

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