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Family Tree Lithuania

Our goal and objective is to help our clients realize the possibility of discovering their ancestral roots in Lithuania and Belarus. We attempt to locate present day living relatives and investigate your ancestral family heritage from the past. We are dedicated to having our clients and customers succeed in their efforts to learn of their families past and present day times in Lithuania and Belarus. Our operational guidelines are customer and client satisfaction based on cost efficiency in all phases of our work and investigations.

We will help You to find information about the roots of Your family and retrace Your family tree.

We can:
find the archives, which store information about Your family;
retrace Your family tree, research the history of Your relatives birthplace, locate historical maps, and produce a video or photos of native places;
to provide lawyer service, including support of the claim to the land and realty inheritance;
organize Your trip in Lithuania and escort you to the native village or city of Your ancestors;
produce a documentary film about the life story of Your family;
create a CD which includes documentary film, photos, video and pictures - all information about Your Family;
to arrange the business trip and social program according to your wishes. A car with a chauffer and a translator can also be provided.

All reports about reseachings could be introduced as html files. It helps your relatives to join to investigations of your Family Tree.

Examples here:

Kavaliauskas Family
Obuchowski Family
Ziubrys Family
Lukjansky Family


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Attention! We work in Lithuania and Belarus and neighboring countries.

This European map on the right shows where it is.

This region which is now called Republic of Lithuania was also known as:

LSSR (Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic);
North-Western Region (as a part of Russian Empire)

Some former Lithuanian territories are now parts of Belarus, Poland and Latvia.
We work on all this territories.



If you think that Russia is a more suitable region for you, researching Russian Roots, sent e-mail here:

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We invite to cooperation all owners of flats, apartments, boards and small hotels in Baltic counties. info@natalex.org