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Kalvariju str. 12

Studio apartment 35 m2

Was bought and overhauled: in September 2005

Budget for overhaul: 20 000 LT (5 800 EUR)

Before overhaul:

Condition before overhaul: not bad
Flat plan: will not change.
Walls: aligned, require repainting and somewhere need to be papered.
Ceiling: aligned, require repainting.
Floor: tile, require partly changes; laminate, require full change.
Bathroom: very bad condition, require full reconstruction.
Kitchen: condition not so bad, require some corrections and reconstruction.
Furniture: built-in wardrobe for clothes which conditions is very good, leave without changes.


After overhaul:

Condition after overhaul: perfect.
Flat plan: not changed
Walls: repainted and papered in fragments with vinyl wallpapers.
Ceiling: repainted, ceiling lamps changed for halogens.
Floor: tiles partly changed; laminate fully changed to hydro stable 32 classes. .
Bathroom: full dismantling, change of all pipes and connections. Installation of new bath, suspend ceiling, halogen illumination, electric floor hitting. Tile laying to floor and walls. Installation of washbowl with nightstand and new taps.
Kitchen: install of suspend ceiling. We produce new door for lower nightstand, change facade of drawers and arms.
Furniture: bought bed with nightstands and bed drawer, sofa with armchair, dinner table and three chairs. Old bookstand and coffee table was artificial made old and create accents in an interior.
Technical equipment: the refrigerator, the TV and the washing machine were bought. Cable TV, phone, the Internet was installed.

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